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A Father and Son Business

MSC Websites has come a long way  since the days when internet websites were basic and internet marketing was non existent. We have a combined knowledge of well over 35 years in the field.

Our mission statement is: “Change the world one byte at a time” This means we are constantly looking for ways to invent new ideas and create an atmosphere that is the best for our customers. We are different in our approach with dealing with our customers. We are introducing website leasing.  This we believe, will help startup companies establish an internet presence at an affordable rate which is so important for new companies.

Dave is our website developer with over 15 years experience. His expertise with commercial application is the best. Dave has developed websites for multimillion dollar companies and is an expert trouble shooter when it comes to sudden emergencies. Dave is knowledgeable and will explain everything in detail that you can understand and will not quit until you are satisfied. He is honest and trust worthy and hold Christian values. You can write to Dave at or call him at 817-768-8717

Bob is our SEO expert and Internet marketing consultant. He has been with computers since the days of PS1 and the DOS command prompt. Bob is a published author with his book “5 Tips To Get Traffic To Your Website” . He is honest and trustworthy with Christian values. Bob is up to date with marketing concepts and  knows how to save your company money. MSC has affordable plans that work well.

You can write to Bob at  or call 817-768-8717


MSC and the Community

MSC Websites is dedicated to the community  We are currently supporting “Our Humble Hearts of Hope” charity organization. This program helps the poor and homeless people in our county. MSC provides IT support and donations of free computers to help create an internet center for job searches and family contact.

TrainingWe also, provide free training for our seniors and assist with help when they get to where they do not know what to do. For instance when to update, should I click on this?  Do I have a virus.  It is nice to have a computer tech to call in these moments who will be honest and really help in a time of need.




With our dedicated work with church websites and supporting our community MSC received an award for being the best IT company in our city: